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Robin Kinross / 2014.01.02

At work over the holidays on a writer’s first draft, the following notes seemed of possible wider interest. Read more

‘Typography papers 9’ and ‘Isotype’

Large tp9 iso boxes


Copies of our two new titles arrived in the office recently, and we are releasing them for sale today. These are Typography papers 9, edited by Eric Kindel and Paul Luna, and Isotype: design and contexts, 1925–1971, edited by Christopher Burke, Eric Kindel, and Sue Walker. Both books are collaborations with the Department of Typography at the University of Reading; the second book being an outcome of the Isotype revisited project there. Both books have been well printed by Die Keure in Bruges. Both have been well finished and bound (using cold glue) by, respectively, Sepeli in Evergem and Callenbach in Nijkerk. For some people the binding alone will make them worth getting hold of. For others the extraordinarily rich content will be the main reason for acquisition. Read more

The new website

Large newwebsite 2013


This new Hyphen Press website is launched today. Before the old site stopped functioning, in June, we had already decided to make a new one to be responsive on all kinds of screen, with improvements to the shopping process, and to let us provide downloadable files in a more integrated way. Almost all the material from the old site has been retained here. We have checked through much of the old text and the pictures. There are certainly still links that are broken, missing pictures, mis-styled text: much of which we should be able to fix in the coming days. But if you find anything obviously wrong and would like to tell us, please do. Write to info [at] hyphenpress.co.uk. Read more

An index to the journal (2)

Large index 20131020


One way of finding text on this website is via the search function (in the right column of every page). This will get you to any word that has been written anywhere on the website. There is also an overview of the postings in the journal here. This is a more intelligible and selective guide: an index to the main, discursive pieces in the journal pages (at October 2013; updated from the previous index of June 2011). Pieces have been grouped rather crudely by theme, and then are alphabetically ordered by title. The main author of these pieces is Robin Kinross; other authors are noted here. Read more

In translation

Large in translation 00


One of the most gratifying and interesting moments in book-publishing is seeing a book of ours issued by another publisher in a translated edition. It is not just the language that needs to be translated. As part of the publishing agreement, we will supply files for all the pictures: but the treatment of pictures remains in the hands of the other publisher. The size of pages, the paper, the binding, and all the other aspects of a book’s material composition are all open for determination by the translating publisher. All of which can provide a pleasant surprise. Often one may feel that the other publisher has refined or improved aspects of the material; or at least their resolution of the problems provides an illuminating alternative to what we did. This week copies of the Korean edition of Christopher Burke’s Active literature, published by Workroom Press in Seoul, arrived here in London. Read more

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