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‘Detail in typography’ out of print

We have sold the last copies of Jost Hochuli’s Detail in typography (2008, reprinted in 2009). Demand for this book continues, but we have decided not to make a reprint. Production costs for this book are high, and they are not helped by currency fluctuations over the last few years. (Since 2009, the Swiss Franc has risen by 25 per cent against the UK pound.) At the same time, the book trade – ever more distorted by the deep discounts demanded by the internet sellers – makes publication of such books, which four years ago was already difficult, now look impossible without subventions from somewhere.

Update, July 2015:
We happy to announce that our English-language edition of Detail in typography is being taken over by Éditions B42 in Paris, and should be published later this year. Éditions B42 already publishes the French-language edition, Le detail en typographie (at present out of print, but due to be reissued). Their edition of the original German-language edition, Das Detail in der Typografie, has just appeared.