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Gutenberg Prize for Hochuli

Jost Hochuli has been awarded the City of Leipzig’s Gutenberg Prize for 1999. The award will be made at a ceremony at Leipzig on 25 March. An exhibition of his work will be on display at Stadtbibliothek in Leipzig (25.03.99 to 24.04.99). The prize committee wrote: ‘The work of the typographer and book designer Jost Hochuli covers the whole scope of the ’metier’. It combines individuality, imagination, modernity, exact knowledge of historical connections, with a functionality, which, deployed with virtuosity, is always put to the service of the reader and the content being designed. Hochuli has found original design solutions for very different kinds of books, from the limited edition and the illustrated book through to the ordinary publisher’s edition and the educational book. With his work he shows what room for creative play there is to explore between tradition and innovation. So the effect of his designs is both playful and precise, both sensitive and solid, and thus they achieve their unobtrusive naturalness. As teacher, author and editor, Jost Hochuli has made an essential contribition to the development of contemporary practice in typography and book design.’