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St Gallen comes to London

The exhibition ‘Book design in St Gallen’ opens this week at the St Bride Library and runs for two short weeks. It is a chance to see material that will not be around ever again in London, and to hear talks about the subject. This Thursday Jost Hochuli will speak at St Bride’s, and on Wednesday 17 March a gang of the usual suspects will offer their views.

Two thoughts further, one large and the other smaller:

Why cannot the British Library or the V&A think of hosting such exhibitions?

It seems correct to spell St Gallen this way in English, rather than ‘St. Gallen’ as St Bride’s does it. ‘St’ here is a contraction of ‘Sankt’ (‘Saint’), and the rule in Oxford-English is that contractions (the middle of the word is left out) go without a final point. Abbreviations (the end of the word is left out) would normally have a point at the end. That’s also why the English spelling is ‘St Bride’ and not ‘St. Bride’.