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An index to the journal

Last year we moved this website to a new hosting company and put it into a new CMS (WordPress). The appearance of the website has changed only in some details. This has provided an opportunity to check through content, and especially to look at and try to mend the now many broken links. This is a large and still continuing project. It has also provided the occasion to update the occasional indexes to the journal that have been offered here. These are now consolidated as the present post.

All textual content on this website can be found via the search function in the right column of every page, or at the bottom of the page on a small screen. The title index below is a guide to the more substantial pieces in the journal pages; short, more ephemeral news items have been omitted, though they have been left as journal posts. Pieces have been grouped in this index rather crudely by theme, and then are alphabetically ordered by title. The main author of these pieces is Robin Kinross; other authors are noted here.

Afterlife of books
Asleep in the East Village
Reading in public
A waking dream

Amazon [the internet shop]
Amazon again
Amazon once more
Buy this book by Nicolete giovanni M Gray today!
Lazy links

Background to our books

Anthony Froshaug
Anthony Froshaug: material words / making the book (by Jane Howard)
Froshaug launched
Some considerations on biography (by Tanya Harrod)

Asleep in the afternoon, Sugar in the air
On E.C. Large (by Stuart Bailey)

At …
About Peter Campbell’s writings

Anarchy on Nottingham
Autonomy at Housmans

A view of early typography
Risen spaces

‘Counterpunch’: how the book was made
Digital ‘Counterpunch’
New traditionalism
Punchcutting at ATypI, San Francisco, 1994
The nice and the good

Detail in typography
‘Detail in typography’ out of print
‘Detail in typography’ available again

Fragments of utopia
Book of the year 1998
A note on the collages (by David Wild)
David Wild speaks

Modern typography
‘Modern typography’ in translation

Morton Feldman says
Feldman in review and in Huddersfield
Three dances

Paul Renner
Renner re-clothed

Karel Martens: printed matter
Martens book prized
‘Printed matter’: the three editions
‘Printed matter’ 3

Richard Hollis designs for the Whitechapel
‘Richard Hollis designs for the Whitechapel’: progress
‘This is one of the best books on graphic design ever’

The real thing
Tanya Harrod in conversation

The stroke
‘The stroke’ (by Erik Spiekermann)
‘The stroke’ reissued

Type now
Smeijers so far

Type spaces
The memory lingers on
The x-height ribbon
‘Type spaces’ download

Typeform dialogues
‘Typeform dialogues’
‘Typeform dialogues’ second edition

Typography papers
Books discovered in a cupboard
Kinneir, Reading, ‘Typography papers’ (by Paul Stiff)
‘Typography papers’: a list of contents
‘Typography papers 9’ and ‘Isotype’
‘Typography papers’ is being made available again

Unjustified texts
The cover of ‘Fellow readers’

Winter light
‘Winter light’ – a new book

In translation
International Project Space exhibition
Our books with other publishers
Reading in public
They order these things better in France

The book as material object
Best books 2006
Books that lie open
More on cold glue
A new Zurich Bible
Nice book, well glued
The political economy of book production
The right direction
The wrong direction

Copyright in designed pages
Copyright in Isotype work
Copyright in Isotype work: the claim of the Arntz estate

Design, typography
Architectural positions
Blank pages count
‘Wim Crouwel: mode en module’: a review
For a typography of details
Frampton, Potter, Martens – and exemplification
Johnston’s ellipsis
Karel Martens at the KABK
On typography (by Anthony Froshaug)
Rule or law (by Gerrit Noordzij)
Socialism and print
Subterranean modernism
Two books on book typography
Typography is a grid (by Anthony Froshaug)
A visual field

Style guide
Title casing

Copyright in Isotype work
Copyright in Isotype work: the claim of the Arntz estate
Gerd Arntz: graphic designer
Isotype: recent publications

Obituaries and memories
Remembering Peter Burnhill
Teus de Jong
Remembering Robin Fior
Maurice Goldring
Nick Jacobs as editor and publisher
On George Mackie and his work
Remembering Gerrit Noordzij
Paul Stiff
Alexander Verberne

The architects of the book (by Linda Eerme)
Benjamin and New Left Books (now Verso) – and Libris
Benjamin and Brecht in English
Blank pages count
Copyright in designed pages
Designer as publisher
‘Domus’ reprinted
An interview with Robin Kinross (by Petra Cerne Oven)
Kafka in Oxford
Net and book: and interview with Roland Reuß
Penguins lose the plot
Report from the SHARP conference 2006

Publishing of and about music
CD packs: the development of an idea
CD packages
Hat Hut: some history and a new development
Hyphen Press Music
An interview with Nicolette Moonen
‘Lee Konitz: conversations on the improvisor’s art’

Type, lettering, writing
Interview with Christopher Burke (by Andreu Balius and Juan J. Arrausi)
Is it possible to determine what typeface of the 1990s will become a classic in the future? (by Fred Smeijers)
Signs at the Royal Festival Hall
Typefaces of their times
A very English blunder
The work of Matthew Carter (by Fred Smeijers)