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The right direction

Hyphen Press / 2017.05.08

A previous installment of this occasional series on book production concerned a novel by Julian Barnes, The noise of time. The book was published in 2016 in London by Jonathan Cape, an imprint of Vintage Publishing, and in turn part of Penguin Random House UK.

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The wrong direction

Hyphen Press / 2016.02.11

Julian Barnes’s latest novel was published in London a couple of weeks ago. This is mainly a note on its qualities as a physical object.

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‘Autonomy’ arrived

Hyphen Press / 2012.10.26

Some finished copies of our next book, Autonomy: the cover designs of ‘Anarchy’ 1961–1970 were delivered to the office this morning.

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‘Human space’ arrived

Hyphen Press / 2011.05.05

Human space, our edition of O.F. Bollnow’s Mensch und Raum, is at last finished.

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More on binding

Hyphen Press / 2010.02.26

A short notice about our article on the binding of books, with a vivid photo of a hotmelt binding and a diagram of how Otabind works.

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‘At …’ arrived

Hyphen Press / 2009.11.14

We have received copies of the next book, Peter Campbell’s At ….

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Brecht and Benjamin in English

Hyphen Press / 2009.09.29

Last Thursday the London publisher Libris brought out Erdmut Wizisla’s Walter Benjamin and Bertolt Brecht: the story of a friendship. This is an English-language edition of the book published originally by Suhrkamp. Behind that edition was a first embodiment, as its author’s doctoral thesis.

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‘Transformer’ arrived

Hyphen Press / 2009.05.21

We now have copies of this book, which this month goes on sale generally in the UK, the Netherlands, and elsewhere in Europe. It is of course also for sale from our website. Those in North America – to whom we can’t sell from the website – will need to wait at least a couple […]

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E.C. Large novels have arrived

Hyphen Press / 2008.10.22

We have received our first copies of Sugar in the air and Asleep in the afternoon.

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Hyphen Press / 2008.08.22

Now that every word that Walter Benjamin published in his lifetime has been collected and republished, and now that his many unfinished words have been similarly collected and printed, and now that to this set of ‘collected writings’ we can add letters and diaries that he cannot have thought of publishing, there only remains to be transcribed and multiplied the scraps, cards, sheets, that fill up the rest of his archive.

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‘Detail in typography’ arrived

Hyphen Press / 2008.06.11

Copies of Hochuli’s Detail in typography have arrived in London. The book is officially published later this month.

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The political economy of book production

Hyphen Press / 2008.02.18

Compare and contrast these two good books published by Verso in London and New York.

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Nice book, well glued

Hyphen Press / 2008.02.17

Good evening, Mrs Craven, the collection of Mollie Panter-Downes’s stories written during the Second World War and published originally in The New Yorker, then collected in 1999 by Persephone Books (London), has just been reissued in their ‘Classics’ series.

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A new Zurich Bible

Hyphen Press / 2007.10.30

The Zurich Bible was published in a new translation this year. This is the Bible in its Swiss-Protestant text, first published in 1531. Not only is it a bestseller (26,000 copies sold since June), but it must be one of the best-looking and best-made books published anywhere for some time.

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More on cold glue

Hyphen Press / 2007.07.26

A letter published in the London Review of Books, 2 August 2007.

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‘Active literature’ arrived

Hyphen Press / 2007.07.12

This week we received copies of Christopher Burke’s new book.

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Best books 2006

Hyphen Press / 2007.06.27

This year’s catalogues for the best-designed/-produced books have been appearing. The Swiss catalogue for books issued in 2006 is just published. The German catalogue for the same period came out some weeks ago. The British publication, also carrying the designation ‘2006’, was produced towards the end of last year. The Dutch best-books catalogue is on its way, and will cover books published in 2006. With the exception of the British publication, these catalogues describe and discuss books that are put on exhibition in their own countries, and which are also, in the autumn, added to a showing at the Frankfurt Book Fair of all the world’s best-books of that preceding year. A proper survey of the best-books exhibitions would take in all the countries represented at Frankfurt, including (as I recall) Finland, Denmark, the Czech Republic, the United States, Spain. These remarks are addressed to the countries with which I am most familiar.

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Books that lie open

Hyphen Press / 2007.05.02

This is an introductory survey of a vexed issue of book-production: binding techniques. The intention of the piece is general enlightenment, and to support a process that is threatened with extinction. A version of this article was published here in May 2007. The text and images here are a new version of this article – thoroughly revised and reshaped in April 2018.

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