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Hat Hut: some history and a new development

Hyphen Press / 2023.09.21

With Hat Hut, the musical content and the graphics, typographics and architecture of the packet, are fused more than most. Werner Uehlinger, who runs the label from Basel (before that, Therwil in the same Swiss canton) has a telling story of how it began in 1975.

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CD packages

Hyphen Press / 2014.11.28

The CD An Italian in Paris that we published earlier this year has just received a very nice review in the magazine Early Music Today. The reviewer is Nicholas Anderson, whom a few of us will remember as a warm and knowledgeable voice on BBC Radio 3 in the 1970s – in the days when standards of music broadcasting at Radio 3 were high.

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CD packs: the development of an idea

Hyphen Press / 2011.01.27

When we were planning to publish music CDs, I tried to keep in mind that (since all the decisions were in our hands) it was a chance to think freshly and not – or not necessarily – use the reigning model of a plastic jewel case with printed ‘inlay’ sheet and booklet.

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