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Type spaces: in-house norms in the typography of Aldus Manutius

Hyphen Press / 2022.08.22

The books of Aldus Manutius possess an enduring appeal, for their sense of order and visual-semantic structure. After intensive examination of some Aldine books, Burnhill proposes a hypothesis about the co-ordination of the dimensions in type in this printing. It seems that a system of typographic measurement informed this work, two hundred years before such a system was made explicit in printing.

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On Anthony Froshaug

Hyphen Press / 2011.07.19

Lucy Sisman’s recollections and estimation of Anthony Froshaug.

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‘Subterranean modernism’

Hyphen Press / 2010.07.01

Idea magazine is pleasantly print-fixed: none of the words it publishes are put online, so anyone wanting a taste of it simply has to go out and find a copy. The current issue, no. 341, has an article that refers to Hyphen Press and its efforts. This essay, ‘Subterranean modernism’ by Randy Nakamura and Ian Lynam, is perhaps the first published piece by unconnected observers to address ideas that we’ve been busy with for now 30 years.

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Desmond Jeffery the printer

Hyphen Press / 2009.10.27

An exhibition of the work of the English printer Desmond Jeffery opens at the St Bride Library in London tonight. This is the first chance for the public to see something of his production.

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On typography

Hyphen Press / 2009.10.19

Anthony Froshaug’s article ‘Typography is a grid’, which we posted here in August 2000, has proved to be the most popular page on this website, with numbers boosted recently by a link from a website about grids in typography.

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Alexander Verberne

Hyphen Press / 2009.09.15

The typographer Alexander Verberne died on 27 May 2009. After a stroke in 1997, which was followed by further strokes, he had been seriously impaired and was living in a care-home in The Hague. He was born on 18 August 1924 in Den Helder.

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Anthony Froshaug: material words / making the book

Hyphen Press / 2009.02.21

A recent tidying of the office turned up an offprint from the journal Matrix (no. 21, 2001), which published two pieces written on the occasion of the publication of our book ‘Anthony Froshaug’. Looking at them again, they seem worth reviving – to explain something of the process by which that book was made.

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‘Dot Dot Dot’ 2

Hyphen Press / 2001.02.23

The second issue of Dot Dot Dot is just out. Among the more directly Hyphen-related contents are a review of Anthony Froshaug by Paul Barnes, and an article by Robin Kinross on ‘The uses of failure’.

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Some considerations on biography

Hyphen Press / 2000.11.24

We are pleased to publish this address given by Tanya Harrod to the meeting on 10 October 2000 at the Conway Hall, London, to launch the book Anthony Froshaug.

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Anthony Froshaug: Typography & texts / Documents of a life

Hyphen Press / 2000.10.12

Presents the work and life of this essential typographer, until now too little known outside the circle of his friends and students. Froshaug was a deep and charismatic thinker-practitioner, whose insights return us to the fundamentals of typography. The book consists of two interacting volumes: the solid record of the work is placed against the contingencies of the life. A traditional monograph is unsettled by an exploration in documentary.

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Froshaug launched

Hyphen Press / 2000.10.10

The book was launched with a meeting at the Conway Hall in London.

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Typography is a grid

Hyphen Press / 2000.08.22

This article was first published in ‘The Designer’, no. 167, January 1967. It is one of the ‘texts’ published in our book ‘Anthony Froshaug: Typography & texts / Documents of a life’.

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An interview with Robin Kinross

Hyphen Press / 2000.08.21

This interview was recorded in London on 28 May 1999, and published in Slovenian translation in the cultural magazine Emzin’.

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Out of slumber

Hyphen Press / 2000.08.14

It is almost a year since the last news item was added. Several small bits of information on the site are out of date, and there are aspects of its design and functioning that need attention. We are now working on an overhaul, and hope to put up a ‘second edition’ in September.

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