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Smeijers further


Last month Fred Smeijers spoke about his work to an enthusiastic and packed audience. The exhibition ‘Fred Smeijers: work so far’ will continue at the St Bride Institute through into May (check with the Library to make sure it is open on the day you intend to go: telephone 020 7353 4660). Copies of Type now can still be bought at the exhibition. Meanwhile we congratulate Fred on his elevation to a professorship at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst at Leipzig.

Smeijers in London


On Tuesday 16 March at the St Bride Institute, London, Fred Smeijers will give a public lecture on the theme of ‘type now’. On that day also, the exhibition ‘Fred Smeijers: work so far’ will be opened at the St Bride Printing Library: a rare chance to see the work of a type designer on display in London. We will be selling copies of the book Type now at the talk and exhibition, for a not-to-be-repeated special price.

Wright in Reading


An exhibition of Edward Wright’s design work opened yesterday at the Department of Typography in the University of Reading. For two months or so, the public has the chance to see some of the products and working materials of this special man, who in the spirit of the heroic modernists of the earlier twentieth century, did not pay much attention to boundaries between art and design. Yet – he was working in mid-century Britain, and in situations that were often pretty torpid. Read more

Wright in Reading (further)


The Optimod website has further material on the Edward Wright show: here

Tschichold at St Bride’s

Large tschichold stbrides


In connection with his forthcoming book Active literature, Christopher Burke will be talking on 19 June at the St Bride Printing Library in London on ‘Jan Tschichold: the missing typefaces’. An exhibition at the Library of work by Tschichold, curated by Christopher Burke and Robin Kinross, will open then and be on display through to 23 August. Go here for more information.

‘Active literature’ advance

Large burke stbride


On Tuesday of this week, Christopher Burke talked in London on ‘Jan Tschichold: the missing typefaces’ to the Friends of St Bride Library. Speaking without notes, and in full command of his subject, he described and analysed the previously almost unconsidered typeface designs that Tschichold made in the 1930s. Prompted by the need for extra income in the difficult years of economic crisis in Germany, and then of his emigration to Switzerland, Tschichold offered some frankly commercial designs to a number of typefoundries. This was despite his belief, sometimes expressed in his writings, that such new typefaces were dubious affairs motivated by the pressures of capitalist competition, and perhaps just not necessary at all. A slightly later and also larger commission was his design of typefaces for the early photocomposition machine, the Uhertype. Read more

Kafka in Oxford


On 15 November a presentation of the new ‘Historical-Critical Edition’ of Franz Kafka’s writings will take place at the Sheldonian Theatre in Oxford, followed by a panel (and open) discussion. On display will be some of the manuscripts concerned. The occasion is convened by the Bodleian Library, which has key holdings of Kafka manuscripts. The edition itself is edited by Roland Reuß and Peter Staengle of the Institut für Textkritik at Heidelberg. For details of the event, see here and here. Read more

Hochuli and tools for reading


Jost Hochuli, author of Designing books and Detail in typography, is responsible for an exhibition of the remarkable book production of his home town of St Gallen. While his own work is also shown, Hochuli insists that ‘Buchgestaltung in St Gallen’ is an exhibition of, as he puts it, work by his close friends Rudolf Hostettler and Max Koller, by his former students and other colleagues. ‘Buchgestaltung in St Gallen’ opened in April at the book fair in Geneva, but will be shown in St Gallen itself from 7 to 29 June 2008. Read more

Hyphen Press in Birmingham


International Project Space, at Bourneville (Birmingham, UK), is the host for a Hyphen Press exhibition opening on 20 March and running through to 8 May. Read more

International Project Space exhibition

Large ips reading jc


Our exhibition at International Project Space opened last Saturday and will be there until 8 May. The show could be an occasion for a visit to the model village of Bourneville. In some respects the exhibition tries to be a model too. Of necessity it is small, but it has a certain argument, and shows not just the books we have published, but also some of those that have provided inspiration; one case is devoted to working materials. Visitors can sit and look through a selection of the books, and they can also listen to some of the music we publish and distribute. Read more

London Book Fair 2010


We are at the London Book Fair next week, with a metre-width of space at stand E200.

Exhibition pamphlet posted

Large ips publication posted


The pamphlet can be seen here at the Werkplaats Typografie, Arnhem, posted in a way that makes sense. (Thanks to KM.) Read more

Martens at Monash (2)


A review of the recent Martens exhibition: here

The work of Matthew Carter

Fred Smeijers / 2011.11.01

On 13 October in Antwerp Fred Smeijers spoke some words of introduction at the opening of the exhibition ‘The Most Widely Read Man in the World: Matthew Carter’, on show until the end of the year at the Catapult gallery. We are glad to publish the text here, both for its homage to Matthew Carter (son of Harry Carter) and in its own right, as a piece of writing. If you like this, you may also enjoy Smeijers’s meditations on ‘what is a classic typeface?’. (For their advice and help in publishing this, thanks to Fred Smeijers, Matthew Carter, and Eric Kindel.) Read more

‘Jazzpaths’ exhibition

Large coltrane monk


An exhibition of photographs and photomontages by David Wild opens this week at the Beardsmore Gallery in Kentish Town, London, and runs until 10 December. Publication of Jazzpaths, his ‘American photomemento’, which includes all these images and much more, is set for 1 December. Read more