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A view of early typography: up to about 1600

Harry Carter / Introduction by James Mosley

A reprint of this long-out-of-print and now classic work, which summarizes what can be known about the production and use of type in the first 150 years of printing. Originally a set of lectures, the book is an informal discourse by a master of his topic. The argument is illustrated with a large gathering of pictures. A new introduction by James Mosley explains the significance of the book and gives a short account of Carter’s life and work.

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‘A view of early typography’


We are planning a reprint of Harry Carter’s A view of early typography: up to about 1600. This marvellous book is a fundamental work of typographic history. The text of a set of lectures given by Carter in 1968, it is written in peerless, lapidary prose. A view was published first in 1969 by Oxford University Press. The book has been out of print for years, and Oxford have now granted permission for this reprint, which is due for publication in spring 2002.

New Series


Andy Crewdson’s ‘New Series’ is now launched. This is a natural successor to his weblog Lines & Splines, which in its later entries had begun to move towards more extended discussions, notably in a very perceptive review of Martin Majoor’s Seria typeface. The first pieces on New Series are a review of Harry Carter’s View of early typography and an interview with Robin Kinross. A piece about Fred Smeijers’s Arnhem typeface is in preparation. [Update at 2013.11.03: ‘New Series’ is offline.]