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Renner re-clothed

Hyphen Press / 2007.08.14

To coincide with the launch of Christopher Burke’s new book, we have put a new jacket on the remaining copies of his first book, Paul Renner.

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Typefaces of their times

Hyphen Press / 2007.05.15

There has been much discussion in recent years about the typeface Helvetica, prompted by the book made by Lars Mueller and now a film by Gary Hustwit. In this connection, Erik Spiekermann has been active. Much of Erik’s work has been a wonderful effort in surpassing the unthinking, formulaic and bureaucratic approach that often entails the use of Helvetica. In 1991 Erik brought out his typeface Meta. With the great success of Meta, it came to be some sort of alternative to Helvetica: more subtle and humane than the essentially regularized-industrial forms of Helvetica. The tag ‘the Helvetica of the 1990s’ has become attached to Meta, and has sometimes been attributed to Robin Kinross.

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‘Paul Renner’

Hyphen Press / 1998.10.01

The Hyphen edition of Christopher Burke’s book is now published. From January 1999, a co-edition for sale outside Europe will be available from Princeton Architectural Press.

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