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Morton Feldman says: selected interviews and lectures 1964–1987

Hyphen Press / 2022.08.22

This is a book of thinking aloud – about music, about art, about making work, about life. Feldman was a wonderful talker, and much of the qualities of his conversation are captured in this book, both in its text and in its photographs. The book is essentially a documentary, with something of the same spirit as our Anthony Froshaug.

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Three dances

Hyphen Press / 2006.12.20

Some of the video material shot by David Reid at our concert for the presentation of Morton Feldman says has now been posted on YouTube.

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Feldman in review and in Huddersfield

Hyphen Press / 2006.11.18

Feldman is among the featured composers at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. Tomorrow afternoon (19 November), Chris Villars is speaking about his engagement with Feldman’s music. Coinciding with this, two articles by the composer Christopher Fox have been published: a general introduction to Feldman in The Guardian, and a review article about the book in the Musical Times (autumn 2006).

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Hyphen New Series

Hyphen Press / 2006.01.12

In collaboration with the graphic design practice Polimekanos we are planning to publish books that can be placed in areas contingent to design, which illuminate design, and which are also good contributions to their own fields.

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