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At …: writing, mainly about art, for the London Review of Books

Hyphen Press / 2022.08.16

For over ten years Peter Campbell has reviewed art exhibitions for the London Review of Books. His writing is distinctive: often closely descriptive, always inquisitive about technique, it is the product of an independent mind and eye. Easy evaluations are resisted: we are invited to consider the work on show in its present place – ‘at’ the museum or gallery to which the critic has travelled on our behalf. This generous selection of reviews covers a wide range of subjects, from Bellini and Titian to Lucian Freud and Louise Bourgeois, from Hawksmoor to Libeskind. Blockbusting shows are noticed, but so too are exhibitions of unfashionable artists, of photographers and applied artists. Reviews of buildings and pieces on the everyday urban scene add another dimension to this book. Campbell is a typographer and book designer, and is also the draftsman of the London Review‘s covers. His writing is of a piece with these accomplishments.

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Peter Campbell obituary

Hyphen Press / 2011.10.27

Diana Souhami’s good account is in The Guardian today.

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About Peter Campbell’s writings

Hyphen Press / 2011.10.26

Peter Campbell died yesterday at his home, after being diagnosed last year with cancer. He was a special man, both in his nature and in the combination of his talents. We were very glad to publish his writings, and to add him to the list of Hyphen authors, who seem often to be people whom the world finds it hard to pin down.

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A must-read critic

Hyphen Press / 2010.05.25

Along with (among others) Pauline Kael, James Wood, and Susan Sontag, Peter Campbell is recommended by the The Guardian‘s Andrew Dickson as a must-read critic.

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