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Reading in public

Hyphen Press / 2012.09.12

What happens to books when they leave home and are taken out into the public realm? We posted on this here and here. Now see this wonderful blog on the theme: the Underground New York Public Library.

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Twitter fascination

Hyphen Press / 2012.04.16

Postings in this journal column have been light over the last few months. This is partly just because we’ve been busy. But it is partly due to having opened a Twitter account (@hyphenpress).

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Write your own academic sentence

Hyphen Press / 2010.02.04

From the University of Chicago’s Writing Program (the whole site is worth exploring).

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Design in the real world

Hyphen Press / 2008.11.02

Road signs are indeed mostly written & designed by harassed public servants.

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Branding nonsense

Hyphen Press / 2008.02.12

Andrew Martin on the ingratiation-strategies and the deceits of corporate identity.

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Vertigo: Collecting W.G. Sebald

Hyphen Press / 2007.08.13

Terry Pitts’s blog about these books: interesting, and not just for the Sebald content.

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Lazy links

Hyphen Press / 2007.01.22

When it launched its website in July 1995, the internet seller Amazon seemed a wondrous thing. Here was a bookstore stocked with almost every title, and one that would reach parts of the country (the United States of America) that were far from any bricks-and-mortar shop. It was indeed based in Seattle, and its employees, one imagined, were mainly grunge-kids in baggy jeans and t-shirts, fetching and packing the books for minimum wages. The company seemed endearing to those of us who like brave new ventures.

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