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Jacob Kirkman: lessons and sonatas

Medea Bindewald & Nicolette Moonen

Large kirkman cover
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    For a sample (from Sonata IV in C major, op. 14), click above

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    125 × 140 mm

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[COV 91616]

This recording features the nearly forgotten composer Jacob Kirkman (1746–1812), a nephew of the famous London harpsichord maker of the same name. His delightful lessons and sonatas are representative of the musical taste in post-Handelian London. Medea Bindewald plays a 1756 double manual harpsichord by the composer’s uncle Jacob Kirckman and a 1795 square piano by Broadwood & Son, both from the Finchcocks Collection in Kent, England. The variety of different sounds presented on this CD is enhanced by including Kirkman’s works written in the unique and nowadays much-neglected genre of keyboard repertoire with a violin accompaniment, played here by Nicolette Moonen. This is one of the very last recordings made at Finchcocks Musical Museum before its closure.

The music

Jacob Kirkman: (1746–1812)
Lesson I in B flat major, op. 3
Sonata II in F major, op. 8
Lesson VI in E minor, op. 3
Sonata III in A major, op. 8
Sonata I in B flat major, op. 8
Sonata IV in C major, op. 14

The musicians

Medea Bindewald harpsichord / square piano
Nicolette Moonen violin

Recording & production

Recording producer: Moritz Bergfeld
Editing and mastering: Nora Brandenburg
Recorded at Finchcocks Musical Museum, Goudhurst, Kent, 5 to 7 October 2015


In the digipack is a 28-page booklet with notes by Medea Bindewald on Jacob Kirkman’s life and on the music played, in English and German; also with photographs of Finchcocks Musical Museum and the musicians.