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The cost of delivery will be added to the cost of the books and CDs. Shipping charges are automatically calculated by weight of goods by the shopping application that we use. This automatic sum is likely to vary somewhat from the actual cost of shipping.

We have set maximum values to the shipping costs, as follows:
United Kingdom: £12

Europe, outside the UK: £15

Outside Europe: £28

If the real costs of shipping greatly exceed these maximum figures, we may ask you to pay more than the sum that has been automatically calculated.


In the UK, books carry 0% of Value Added Tax (VAT). In the UK, music CDs do carry VAT. The prices on this website give the full price: Hyphen Press is not registered to add tax.


We will normally use the UK’s Royal Mail service to carry the goods. For customers within the UK, we will use second class postage. For customers outside the UK, we will use Royal Mail airmail. Tracking is not part of these services. For larger orders we may use other carriers. If you have special requirements, please let us know and we will try to accommodate them.

How you can pay

The shop on this website allows you to paywith most bank cards. If you want to pay with Paypal, please let us know in an email to: info [at] hyphenpress.co.uk. If you prefer to pay by direct bank transfer, please ask in an email.