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One way of finding text on this website is via the search function (in the right column of every page). This will get you to any word that has been written anywhere on the website. Here is a more intelligible and selective guide: an index to the main, discursive pieces in the journal pages, to date (end-June 2011). Pieces have been grouped rather crudely by theme, and then are alphabetically ordered by title. (See now the updated index here.)

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Lazy links

Design, typography

On typography

Rule or law

Socialism and print

Some considerations on biography

Subterranean modernism

Typography is a grid

A visual field


Gerd Arntz

Isotype: recent publications


Peter Burnhill

Teus de Jong

Paul Stiff

Alexander Verberne

Publishing about music

An interview with Nicolette Moonen

CD packs

Lee Konitz

Publishing, editing, and the book as material object:

Anthony Froshaug: material words / making the book

The architects of the book

Benjamin and New Left Books (now Verso) – and Libris

Benjamin and Brecht in English


Best books 2006


Books that lie open

Counterpunch: how the book was made

Designer as publisher

Domus reprinted

An interview with Robin Kinross

Kinneir, Reading, Typography papers

Penguins lose the plot

The political economy of book publishing

Two books on book typography

Type, lettering, writing:

Interview with Christopher Burke

Is it possible to determine what typeface of the 1990s will become a classic in the future?


Signs at the Royal Festival Hall

The stroke

Typefaces of their times