Hyphen Press

‘Designing books’: out of print

The original hardback edition (1996) and the subsequent paperback edition (2003, reprinted 2007) of this book have now sold out. Despite its popularity, we have decided to let the book stay out of print now. While the central part of the work (‘Designing books’) remains useful, we feel that the selection of books used to illustrate the discussion could be revised. The first part (‘Book design as a school of thought’) was originally a ‘pièce d’occasion’, though it surely remains valid. The third part (‘Books designed by Jost Hochuli’) has certainly been superseded by Jost Hochuli: printed matter, mainly books_, published by Verlag Niggli. We have ideas for a further book that would resume some of this material, but, for the time being, they must wait. We should add that copies of the German-language edition of this work, Bücher machenid=88, published by VGS St. Gallen, are still available.