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Book of the year


Ross Bradshaw’s recommendation of Autonomy: here

Martens on TV


A 30-minute film about Karel Martens and his work is being shown on Canvas, the Belgian TV channel, on Sunday 13 November at 20:15. Watch the trailer. [Update: now gone from the Canvas website.]

Peter Campbell obituary

Large peter campbell


Diana Souhami’s good account is in The Guardian today: here

Amazon and tax


Richard Fletcher in The Daily Telegraph: “… the likes of Amazon, Google and eBay are no longer the loss-making start-ups they once were, but are now among some of the largest companies in the world”: here

On Anthony Froshaug


Lucy Sisman’s recollections and estimation of Anthony Froshaug: here

Smeijers interviewed


Fred Smeijers interviewed, as OurType makes a deal with WebInk: here

Martens at Monash (2)


A review of the recent Martens exhibition: here

Martens at Monash


This month Karel Martens is at Monash University, near Melbourne, for a talk, workshops, and an exhibition of his work on Oase: here

Paul Stiff at Reading


A notice about Paul written by Sue Walker: here

‘Printed matter’: the three editions


Clear proof that you need to get the third edition, even if you already have the second and the first: here

Lifestyle and Letraset


Simon Esterson’s lecture on ‘British magazine design, 1960–200o’, at the St Bride Library, London, January 2008: an insider’s view: here

Shapes versus outlines


Gerrit Noordzij at the blackboard in March of this year: here

B42: a new website


The new website of a bright French imprint: here

To be fired with enthusiasm


An obituary of Bernard Coutaz, founder of Harmonia Mundi, an exemplary publishing company: here

More on binding


A short notice about our article on the binding of books, with a vivid photo of a hotmelt binding and a diagram of how Otabind works: here

Write your own academic sentence


From the University of Chicago’s Writing Program (the whole site is worth exploring): here

The new CD launched


A report of the launch of HPM 002 for subscribers and friends is here

Hyphen in Amsterdam


Through this month and next, some of our core books are on display and for sale at the Kunstverein in Amsterdam: here

Isotype revisited


The ‘Isotype revisited’ research project at the Department of Typography & Graphic Communication, University of Reading, has now launched its website: here

London after the war


Following his ‘Mitteleuropa and Bethnal Green, 1946’, Paul Stiff expands on another theme of Modern typography in Britain: here

On sale in Berlin


At Motto, in Berlin-Kreuzberg: here

Amazon again


More on ‘one of the most powerful forces in the publishing industry – with the power to make or break a book’: another in an occasional series (first post was here), see: here



Another one for the dossier of complaints (see also this and this): here

Design in the real world


Road signs are indeed mostly written & designed by harassed public servants: here

‘Designing books’ discussed


Twelve years after publication, a new generation of readers is finding ‘the best single volume on the subject’: here

Branding nonsense


Andrew Martin on the ingratiation-strategies and the deceits of corporate identity: here

Vertigo: Collecting W.G. Sebald


Terry Pitts’s blog about these books: interesting, and not just for the Sebald content: here

More on cold glue


A letter published in the London Review of Books, 2 August 2007: here

Burnhill obituary


Paul Stiff’s obituary of Peter Burnhill is published in The Guardian today: here

Wright in Reading (further)


The Optimod website has further material on the Edward Wright show: here

The Stafford papers


The ‘Optimism of modernity’ project has posted its first ‘documents’: here

Die S-Klasse


A pleasant report on Fred Smeijers’s class at the HGB Leipzig has been published in the heavy-duty weekly Die Zeit: ‘as far as we know, it’s the only such class in a German art school’, a school spokeswoman is quoted as saying: here



Fred Smeijers’s dream of his own font label is now a reality. OurType will publish all his new typefaces, together with work by others, chosen by Fred and co-director Rudy Geeraerts: here

New Series


Andy Crewdson’s ‘New Series’ is now launched. This is a natural successor to his weblog Lines & Splines, which in its later entries had begun to move towards more extended discussions, notably in a very perceptive review of Martin Majoor’s Seria typeface. The first pieces on New Series are a review of Harry Carter’s View of early typography and an interview with Robin Kinross. A piece about Fred Smeijers’s Arnhem typeface is in preparation. [Update at 2013.11.03: ‘New Series’ is offline.]

Students read Potter


This spring What is a designer has been used as a reading text in a class on design at the University of Connecticut. As this email discussion reveals, the book has considerable power as a prompt for debate: here

Hibernia Type


Christopher Burke, author of Paul Renner, now residing in Barcelona, has established a website, principally for his foundry Hibernia Type: here

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